Monitoring learner usage by points

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How to monitor usage by points: class level

If your school asks learners to complete a certain number of points on Bedrock per week, you can monitor usage via the 'Weekly engagement' report. Points are earned across all lessons in Bedrock Vocabulary and Bedrock Grammar.

To access this report, click on class reports and then the ‘Weekly engagement’ report. Select the date range you wish to see and click go.


The 'Weekly engagement' report shows whether or not learners have met the points expectation of 20 points each week within a specified time period.

Many teachers run this report each week and use the different colour faces to clearly see learner usage. Teachers can run the report for any 7 days of their choice. One teacher may run the report Monday-Sunday due to their homework day, but another teacher may wish to run the report Tuesday-Monday.

You can run the report for a longer period of time, but you won’t see the different colour faces if you have queried for a period longer than 7 days.

The report includes lessons from any area within the core curriculum including Grammar, Vocabulary or Common roots.

The smiley faces are colour-coded depending on the number of points that a learner has gained:

  • 20 points or more leads to a green smiley face
  • 10-19 points is yellow
  • 1-9 points is red
  • 0 points/not logging in is grey

The report shows lessons that have been started but not completed and provides the details of when the lesson was started.

The report also shows time spent learning, and the attainment within a lesson and progress between pre- and post-topic tests. In this report, you can clearly see where the points were earned.

This report can only be run as a class report.

It emulates the weekly emailed report that you receive.

How can I use the 'Weekly engagement' report?

The 'Weekly engagement' report is one of the most frequently used reports by individual class teachers. It provides real-time insight into Bedrock lesson completion. For example, if a class is completing Bedrock in school, the teacher may wish to display this report on the screen. This acts as a reminder to learners that their usage can be tracked and motivates them to complete their lessons. It also provides an opportunity to praise.

The report is most commonly used to check homework completion with the green smiley face visually displaying that expectations have been met. The report can also be used by tutors/teachers to give homework reminders throughout the week as it can be used to show the week that is currently in progress.

Teachers can use the in-app report to specifically look at the week linked to their homework due dates.

The report is useful to schools using Bedrock at home or in school. Linked parents/guardians are also sent the weekly points analysis report for their child. You can read more about how to enable parental engagement here.

How to monitor usage by points: whole school level

To see a leaderboard that ranks learners by points earned on the platform:

  • Click on school reports
  • Click on ‘Points leaderboard’
  • Filter by year group or class (if required)
  • Choose the date range you want to query
  • Click ‘Go’


How can I use the Points leaderboard?

Teachers use the report to inform their praise strategy. For example, a teacher might run the report weekly for their class or for a year group to decide who receives a praise postcard, assembly shoutouts or a phone call home.

The report can be run for any time parameter. Schools may wish to use the report for their half-termly, termly or annual Bedrock celebrations.

You can also monitor learner usage by lesson completion and/or by time spent.

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