Monitoring learner usage trends

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To monitor learner usage trends in the Core curriculum, you can use the school report ‘Usage trends.’

To run a school report, you have to have Bedrock Leader access.

Usage Trends.png

To run the report:

  1. Select ‘Usage trends’ in the ‘School reports’ tab
  2. Choose your time parameters
  3. Select any (optional) report options e.g. EAL, PP, SEN etc


‘Default’ will include all learners in your school

  1. (Optional) Exclude any dates that you don’t want included in the report
  2. Click ‘Go’


What does the report show, and how can it be used?

The usage trends report displays as a pie chart and can be run for any chosen time parameter. You can use the report for ongoing tracking throughout the week/term/year.

The report displays the percentage of learners who have completed the target of 2 lessons per week.

The report can be viewed for the whole school, SEN, Pupil premium, Gender, EAL and Year group.

The usage trends report is a really useful tool to monitor whether your school is on track with your implementation.

Top Tip

You may wish to view this report weekly to see if usage is on track with usual/expected.

You may also wish to use this report to target particular cohorts whose usage may be lower. For example, you might wish to view the report for a longer time period to see if usage varies for particular cohorts. This can help focus attention on which learners need to be motivated to complete more Bedrock.

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