Explaining the purpose of Bedrock to parents

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Engaging parents and guardians in learners’ progress makes a big difference to learner engagement with Bedrock, at home or at school.

To make sure parents and guardians are onside from day one, many Bedrock schools send a letter to explain the purpose of Bedrock and how it works. You can find a letter template in the Resources tab on your dashboard.

Some schools choose to hold an information evening at school, where they introduce Bedrock and clearly outline expectations. This is a popular choice for transition evenings at Secondary schools or mid-year parent evenings. You can find a presentation template in the Resources tab on your dashboard.

How to engage parents with Bedrock

Because parental engagement is an important factor in learner engagement, parents and guardians have their own dashboard, showing them the progress of their child(ren).

In order for parents to access their own parental account to monitor their child's progress and engagement, please distribute our Access Codes to all parents.

You can do this by going to the 'User Accounts' tab on your teacher dashboard. Click the 'Show passwords and access codes' button there. Each child will have an access code next to their name in the ‘Access codes’ column. This is individualised for each parent/guardian, to be used when they activate their parent accounts.

Accessing parental user codes.gif

Once signed up, parents can access their dashboard via app.bedrocklearning.org.

They will also be sent the same Weekly Usage Report that you receive 48 hours prior to this report entering your inbox. This will give parents a couple of days to ensure that their child has completed their Bedrock work if they have not already. This should reduce the number of learners that require intervention and therefore save you time.

Tracking parental engagement

You can see how many parents and guardians are linked to learner accounts via your teacher dashboard.

Click on school reports or class reports. Click on 'Parent engagement' and then select ‘go’.


The pie chart shows you the proportion of students who are linked and unlinked to a parent/guardian. The table on the right shows you which learners’ parents have accessed their parental accounts and which have not. You can download this data.

Support for parents

Remind parents that Bedrock is also here to support them. They can address any concerns to support@bedrocklearning.org or give us a call on 0203 325 9345, Monday-Friday.

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