Using your subject-specific reporting dashboard

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There are several reports available in the subject-specific reporting area.

The reports show the success of the following:

  • Curriculum build
  • Implementation
  • Impact

Best reports for impact tracking

  • Words learned in a subject report
  • Words learned across the curriculum report

Best reports for home learning/completion tracking

  • Subject progress report
  • Multi-subject session report
  • Knowledge organiser report
  • Subject vocabulary insights report

Best reports for linking to the classroom

  • Subject vocabulary insights report
  • Knowledge organiser report

Best reports for implementation tracking

  • Curriculum summary report
  • Multi-subject sessions report

All reports (apart from the curriculum summary report) can be run for any time period or any class giving you flexibility to view the data in any way you wish.

All teachers have access to all reports for all learners, giving visibility of vocabulary learning right across the curriculum.

To access the reporting dashboard:

  1. Access ‘Mapper’ via your teacher dashboard
  2. Click on ‘data & reporting’
  3. Select the report you wish to run and view


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