Monitoring subject-specific usage

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Learners need to have sequenced content to access before they can use Mapper.

The best reports to use to monitor usage are the ‘subject progress’ report or the ‘multi-subject session’ report.

Subject Progress Report

The subject progress report is useful to monitor the usage of one particular class. It shows the number of sessions completed, the pre-test and post-test scores, percentage improvement and average session score.

The subject progress report can be used to view just one class or multiple within a subject. The average session score is calculated based on the average score of sessions in the time parameters set by a teacher. 

Teachers can choose multiple classes within a subject or just one class to see the topics completed, percentage improvement and the average session score. Ideally, teachers will use it to only view one subject (for example, English) and not multiple. 

Learners who have not accessed any sessions in the time period set will have a ‘-’ and 0% progress.

Multi-subject Session Report

To monitor the number of sessions completed in one subject, and across the curriculum, you will need to use the multi-subject session report. This shows the number of sessions completed in each subject.

You can also filter this report to look at a group of learners (for example, year group or micro population). Any time period can be selected. The report can also be downloaded.

Teachers, tutors and leaders can use the report to make comparisons between year groups and micro populations about learner use of Mapper in different subjects.

The report can also be downloaded and used for leaderboards, subject competitions, form group competitions and inter-year group competitions.

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