Adding learners to a test

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In order for learners to be able to access the Reading Test, they need to be assigned to the individual tests you have set up.


For learners who do not use Bedrock as part of a Core Curriculum subscription, you will need to ensure they have been added to Bedrock as ‘Reading Test only’ learners.

Adding learners to a test

Once you have created a test, you must then add learners to it to make it automatically available to them at the scheduled date and time. You can add both individual learners or entire classes/groups to a test. This ensures you have ultimate flexibility to administer tests based on the specific needs of different learners, classes, and teachers. Remember, the learners you add to a test need to be able to complete it at the same. 

  1. In the ‘Tests’ tab in the Reading Test dashboard, click on the test you wish to add learners to
  2. Click ‘Add learners’
  3. Use the ‘Class’ or ‘Group’ buttons and drop-down menus to search for the required learners
  4. Manually select or deselect learners that should(n’t) be added to the test
  5. Choose the correct year group for the selected learner(s) using the drop-down menu. You won’t be able to save the test unless you complete this step
  6. Click ‘Add learners’ to save
  7. Repeat this process if you would like to add learners from multiple classes, groups, or year groups to the same test. Any number of learners can be added to suit your testing requirements

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If any of your learners do not have a date of birth attached to their account, they will not appear in the list of learners you can add to a test. Ensure their data is up to date by following the instructions here if you are a manual school, or in your MIS if you use Wonde.


When your school purchased the reading test, they will have purchased a number of tokens. Each token is equivalent to one completed test for one learner. You can find out how assigning learners to tests, voiding tests, and missing tests affects your token count here.

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