3 steps to set up your Reading Tests

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The Bedrock Reading test can be set up for your learners in minutes in 3 simple steps.

If you are using the Reading Test with learners who do not currently use Bedrock’s Core curriculum (Bedrock Vocabulary and Bedrock Grammar), you will need to configure them as 'Reading Test only' through the ‘Subscription management’ section of your account.

Step 1 (optional): Create your cycle and windows

To better organise your tests, consider using a test cycle and multiple test windows. If you prefer, you can simply schedule a test without using the test cycles and windows.

To add a test cycle:

  1. Go to ‘Reading tests’ from the teacher dashboard
  2. Select ‘Cycles'
  3. Click ‘Add test cycle’
  4. Name the cycle, e.g. ‘Academic Year 23/24’
  5. Add a description, so teachers in your school are clear about the purpose of the cycle
  6. Confirm by clicking ‘Add test cycle’

Setting up new test cycle.gif

To add a test window:

  1. Once you have created your cycle, click ‘Add test window’
  2. Name the window, e.g. ‘baseline tests’
  3. Provide a brief description, e.g. ‘Tests to track progress at the end of the spring term’
  4. Set start and end dates for your test window
  5. Click ‘Add test window'

Create Test Window (from Cycle page).gif

Step 2: Schedule your test

  1. Go to the ‘Tests’ tab
  2. Click ‘Add test’
  3. Enter a test name (this will be visible to learners)
  4. Provide a clear test description
  5. Click on the calendar icon to select a date for the test
  6. Choose a start time in HH:MM or click the ‘Start now’

Step 3: Add learners to the test

  1. Click on the desired test
  2. Select ‘Add learners’
  3. Use the ‘class’ or ‘group’ buttons and menus to find learners
  4. Manually select or deselect learners
  5. Specify the correct year group from the drop-down menu
  6. Click ‘Add learners’ to save
  7. Repeat to add additional learners from classes and groups as needed

Add learners to a test.gif


If any of your learners do not have a date of birth attached to their account, they will not appear in the list of learners you can add to a test.

The test will automatically become available to learners at the scheduled time. They will have an hour to access the test from that time. If a learner misses the test, it is easy to reschedule the test by editing the scheduled time.

To learn more about setting your learners up for success during the reading test, read our article regarding the test administration instructions here.

We also have a helpful guide for teachers on the day of the test. This may be useful to share with teachers who are facilitating the test, especially if they do not use Bedrock.

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