Rescheduling a missed test

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Bedrock’s Reading Test can be rescheduled for learners who missed the scheduled time for the test. Missed tests happen, so we’ve made it easy to reschedule your learners’ tests for a new date.

When a learner does not access a test within 60 minutes of the scheduled start time, their completion status will appear as ‘Not started’. These learners can have their tests rescheduled.

Reschedule a test

After 60 minutes have passed from the scheduled start time for a test, learners marked as ‘Not started.’

  1. From your ‘Teacher dashboard,’ click on the ‘Reading tests’ tab
  2. Select the test you wish to reschedule
  3. Click on the ‘pencil’ button:  Pencil icon.png
  4. Add a new date using the calendar button and a new time in HH:MM format, using a 24h clock. Alternatively, click ‘Start now’ to schedule the test to begin immediately
  5. Click ‘Save changes’ to make the test automatically available to learners in their dashboards. Remember, this will make the test available for all learners who have a status of ‘Not started’

Reschedule a test.gif


Reschedule missed tests as many times as you need to so that you ensure you have got a complete data set!

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