Copying curriculum sequencing from an archived class

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If you have a class that has the same content as a class from a previous academic year, or you have already sequenced the content with dates for the new academic year in a class from a previous academic year, you can save yourself time by copying curriculum sequencing from an archived class.

Once you have configured your class(es) for the new academic year, you can click on the copy curriculum ‘from an archived class to this class.’


Classes are automatically archived at the end of the academic year.

  1. Click ‘from an archived class’
  2. Select the class with the curriculum that you would like to be added to your current class
  3. (OPTIONAL) You can preview the learning including the content and any current dates that will be added

Top Tip

Use the filtering functionality to view a particular subject or year group

  1. Select the class
  2. Choose either ‘replace curriculum sequencing’ or ‘add to current curriculum sequencing’
  3. Click ‘apply’

Copying curriculum sequencing from an archived class.gif


If you select ‘replace curriculum sequencing’ it deletes all of the content that already exists in the class that you have selected and replaces it. If you select ‘add to current curriculum sequencing’ then the content that doesn’t already exist in the class is added with the dates (if they have been added.)

All content and any dates that are after the start of the new academic year will be copied into your new class.

You can then sequence the dates for the content that you have just added.

If you would like this curriculum to be in multiple classes, use the copy curriculum ‘from this class to other class(es’) button.

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