Understanding the classes and sequencing tab

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The classes and sequencing tab gives all teachers an overview of all of the classes set up in Mapper.

You can use the filters or search function to find a particular subject, year group or class. You can also mark a class with a star.

To sequence the learning or find out more information about a particular class simply click on the class name to see the individual class overview.

The class overview shows you a variety of information about the curriculum for each class:

  • The column ‘words’ tells you the number of words that have been added to a class
  • The ‘percentage of words’ ready tells you the number of words that are in a teachable state (to be in a teachable state a word must have a quiz and either a definition or description and example)
  • The ‘active words’ column tells you the number of words that are currently sequenced with active dates, in a teachable state and in an active state - for a learner to have any learning to access on Mapper, there must be some words active.
  • The ‘number of sequenced words’ tells you the number of words that are active and have/have had the start date assigned

There are 3 symbols used alongside the number of sequenced words:

  • A green tick shows that all words have been sequenced with at least a start date
  • An orange line means that the sequencing has been completed for some of the words, but not all of them
  • A red cross means that sequencing is incomplete - this means that learners cannot access any learning.

You can also filter your classes to find which classes have access to curriculum content and which don’t. This is really useful when you are setting up and implementing Mapper as you can look at the classes that need to have the learning sequenced.

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