The session set size is the number of words (and their assessment, teaching and activities) that are served within a session on Mapper.

You can customise the set size for each individual class to change the number of words included within a session. You may wish to do this to support learners, or to challenge others. Or it can be particularly useful if you are using Mapper to formatively assess knowledge of a particular topic.

The set size can be changed at any time. All classes will be set to 5 as a default. You can make this higher or lower. We don’t recommend that the session set size is set to less than 2/3 because this will make progress data unreliable.

To change the set size:

  1. Select your class from the ‘classes and sequencing’ tab
  2. Change the number in the box next to ‘preferred set size’
  3. Click ‘save’
  4. Class will be updatedimage1.png


Think about how you have sequenced dates for your curriculum content if you make changes to the set size.

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