Aligning your subject-specific curriculum with your classroom teaching

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In order to align your subject-specific curriculum with your classroom teaching, you first need to decide and plan the words that you are going to teach.

You can then consider the teaching of that vocabulary so that the sequencing aligns with your classroom teaching.

Just like curriculum sequencing, sequencing your vocabulary curriculum involves mapping out the skills (procedural knowledge) and knowledge (declarative knowledge) and content across your subject curriculum, so that what a student learns builds on what they have already learned. This enables knowledge to become increasingly more complex throughout the curriculum.

The curriculum on Mapper can be interleaved with the classroom curriculum or can be sequenced in blocks in line with, or separate from what is being taught in the classroom.

How can sequencing on Mapper be used to support your classroom teaching?

Sequencing can be used to:

  • Pre-teach vocabulary - introduce new vocabulary/content knowledge before it is required in the classroom e.g. in reading a text
  • Formatively assess knowledge - low-stakes assessment of learner knowledge of knowledge and vocabulary
  • Revise big ideas and key concepts
  • Provide explicit teaching of subject knowledge
  • Fill in vocabulary/knowledge gaps for certain students - e.g. use Mapper to address knowledge gaps for EAL learners or gaps in knowledge identified in classroom assessment
  • Fill in vocabulary/knowledge gaps at the transition between phases - e.g. transition between the key stages
  • Clearly link to the classroom

However you choose to align Mapper with your classroom teaching, the use of flexible start and optional end dates is the way to sequence the curriculum.

If you would like to read more about sequencing your vocabulary curriculum to support classroom teaching, check out this blog.

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