If you have multiple classes that share the same curriculum, you can save yourself time by copying curriculum sequencing.

Once you have added and sequenced the content in one class, by using the ‘copy curriculum sequencing’ button, you can copy that sequencing to another class.

You can copy content only so that teachers can add their own dates for their own classes. Or you can copy content and dates if you want to exactly replicate the sequencing from one class to another.

Once you have added content to a class, and sequenced the curriculum, you can use the copy curriculum sequencing functionality. This allows you to copy all of the content (and assigned dates if you want) from one class into another or even multiple classes.

  1. Once you have added content (and dates) to a class, click copy curriculum ‘from this class to other class(es)
  2. Find the classes you wish to have the same curriculum

Top Tip

Use the filtering functionality to view a particular subject or year group

  1. Select the class(es) that you wish to add the content to by ticking the box
  2. From the drop-down menu select either ‘replace curriculum sequencing’ or ‘add to current curriculum sequencing’
  3. Select ‘apply’

Copying curriculum sequencing .gif

Replace curriculum sequencing

If you select ‘replace curriculum sequencing’ it deletes all of the content that already exists in the class that you have selected and replaces it.


If you do this and learners have already accessed content, it will be removed from their reteaching queue.

This is particularly useful if you wish a whole year group or multiple classes to have the same curriculum.

Add to current curriculum sequencing

If you select ‘add to current curriculum sequencing’ then the content that doesn’t already exist in the class is added with the dates if they have been added.

This can be particularly useful if you have different ability classes or classes studying different tiers of a specification. For example, if your top set has higher content, your bottom set has foundation content, and there is a middle set that needs both. These can be combined using the ‘add to current curriculum sequencing.’

Both ‘add to’ and ‘replace’ work if dates haven’t been added yet. This means that individual teachers can add dates that are relevant to their classes.

You can also copy curriculum sequencing from an archived class.

Copying curriculum sequencing from an archived class.gif

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