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What are tokens?

One token represents the value of one Reading Test and can be utilised for any student in the school, irrespective of your specific Bedrock subscription. Tokens expire after one year. However, if your school has purchased a multi-year subscription for Bedrock, the tokens will last for the entirety of the subscription. There are no limits on how many tokens can be spent within each year.

How are tokens spent?

Any learner in your school can be added to a test.


If learners do not currently use the Core Curriculum, they will need to be configured as Reading Test only learners.

Once a learner has been assigned to a test, one token is 'reserved' per test assigned. Once the test has been completed, the token then becomes ‘used.’ If a test is not started, it can be cancelled by removing the learner from the test, which makes the token available to use again.

If you try to add learners to a test, but do not have enough tokens, you will be shown the error message ‘insufficient tokens.’ You can contact us to purchase additional tokens. 

Top Tip

If you have tests that have not been completed or started by learners, or have scheduled tests for the future, you can remove learners from these tests to make additional tokens available.

What happens when a test is voided?

A test result can be voided once per token without an additional token being spent. If you wish to void a test result for a second time, another token will need to be spent.

Viewing your school token spend

Lead teachers can view the school token balance within the ‘subscription management’ section of the teacher dashboard. Simply click ‘subscription management’ and then ‘overview,’ and your school token overview will be displayed.

If tokens are ‘used,’ it means that the test has been completed, or a token has been voided twice.

If a token is ‘reserved,’ it means that a learner has been assigned to a test and it has not yet been completed.

If a token is ‘remaining,’ it means that the tokens are available to spend.


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