How many lessons are there in each vocabulary topic?

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Bedrock’s vocabulary curriculum covers a broad range of topics. Learners are introduced to increasingly advanced Tier 2 vocabulary within the context of original fiction and non-fiction texts. This wide variety of content allows learners to expand their cultural capital, whilst supporting their journey to becoming confident readers and encouraging reading on a regular basis.

The vocabulary curriculum is structured into blocks, which broadly correspond to different school years. Each block contains topics. You can think of these topics as individual units, as they are centred around one text. For example, the topic may cover a non-fiction subject, such as the solar system, or follow a fictional story.

What does each topic contain?

Each topic is bookended by two quizzes. The first is a pre-test, which assesses the learner’s understanding of the topic’s Tier 2 vocabulary before they begin. Then, at the end of the topic, the learner takes a post-test to measure the progress that they have made. These quizzes power Bedrock’s deep learning algorithm, which uses the results to provide a personalised learning journey for each learner and support mastery of the content.


In between these pre- and post-topic quizzes, learners are guided through six lessons. Every lesson begins with a text extract, followed by a series of activities which reinforce the new Tier 2 vocabulary encountered in the text. This encourages multiple exposures to the new vocabulary and gives learners a chance to demonstrate their new understanding.

Learners can view their journey through each topic by clicking on the ‘Details’ button at the bottom of each book cover. The pop-up will show them how many lessons they have completed so far (including the time and date of completion,) and how many lessons they have to go!



For an overview of each topic, and the range of Tier 2 vocabulary taught across Bedrock’s vocabulary curriculum, click here.


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