What are the blocks in Bedrock Vocabulary?

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Bedrock's extensive vocabulary curriculum is structured into 10 blocks, which provide learners with an engaging variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. The content within these blocks progressively becomes more challenging, helping learners to master a broad range of Tier 2 vocabulary as they work through the curriculum.

The vocabulary curriculum ranges from Block 3 to Block 12. Each block is broadly equivalent to a year's worth of curriculum content, aligning with Year 3 to Year 12. This means that learners at all stages of their educational journey can benefit from consistent, repeated exposure to new vocabulary.

Each block contains between 10 and 14 topics, which cover a range of original fiction and non-fiction texts. The topics are then broken down into 6 lessons.


For a summary of each block, including the topics and range of Tier 2 vocabulary, click here.


We know that all learners will begin their Bedrock journey at different levels, so each learner must complete a baseline test (known as the Alpha test) to place them within their first block.

As learners work through the curriculum, our pre and post-topic testing will continually monitor their progress, and ensure that they are working in the appropriate block. If not, the platform will adjust their block automatically, offering a personalised experience for each learner, as they will receive the content most suitable for their level.


Outside of these structured blocks, all learners also have access to the Bedrock Library! The Library contains a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, and is designed to include challenging language and structures, perfect for stretching even the most able readers.

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