There are three steps to successfully setting up your subject-specific curriculum: configure, build and sequence. This article explains how to build your curriculum using Bedrock Created Content.


To build your own content, first, navigate to the ‘build’ tab within Mapper and select ‘use Bedrock created words.’image5.png


Bedrock-created content has been written by subject specialists to ensure that the content is of the highest quality. Content has been written to align with a variety of curricula including the English national curriculum, UK and international exam boards and the Scottish curriculum.


To explore and use the content available for each subject, select the subject that you wish to explore. Every subject works in the same way. Once you have entered the subject area, you can view the list of topics that have already been created.

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To navigate the subject areas, you can filter by tags to view different exam boards, key stages or specific subject elements. 

Simply click ‘filter by’ and then select the filter you wish to apply. You can add multiple filters to help you find the topic you are looking for.

You can also filter by level. Levels are given to an entire topic. The level of a topic tells you the categories that the whole topic is relevant to. This includes categories such as the exam board, key stage, or qualification, and lets you view the topics that are relevant to you.


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Adding topics from the Bedrock Created Content area

  1. Select the topics you wish to add. You can select multiple topics at once and can even add them all! 
  2. Then click ‘next’ at the top of the page to view the words within each topic. 
  3. Choose the words (along with their activities) to add to your curriculum map. All words within Bedrock-created topics are ready to teach. The number of activities tells you the number of parts of the lesson sequence that have been completed for each word. You can edit any of these activities once they are in your curriculum map if you want to make them more specific for your curriculum.
  4.  If you wish, you can select all of the words using the check box in the title bar or you can customise your selection by selecting/deselecting individual words. If you are adding multiple topics you can filter to view one topic at a time. Once you have made your selection, click Confirm at the top of the screen.

Using Bedrock created content 4.gif

Optional step:

  1. If you want, you can add these topics directly into particular classes.
  2. Simply search for the year group, subject and class. 
  3. Then click ‘add.’ You can do this for multiple classes before you click ‘confirm.’
  4. If you don’t wish to do this now, click skip to return to your curriculum map.

Using Bedrock created content 2.gif

The words that you add will appear in your curriculum map with the Bedrock logo next to them. This indicates that the content was written by one of Bedrock Learning’s subject specialists and then added to your curriculum.


You can click on each individual word to explore the learning sequence and make optional changes. 

You can view the content for each section of the learning sequence. If you wish, you can ‘copy and edit’ the content to change Bedrock Created Content to meet the needs of your curriculum. For example, if there is a particular image or case study example that you use in the classroom you can customise the teaching image.


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