How can the grammar videos be implemented in the classroom?

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The Classroom Hub has been designed to help teachers integrate engaging grammar instruction into the classroom without the need for electronic devices for every learner. Whether introducing new material or reinforcing previous learning, videos can serve as a dynamic educational tool for the whole class. In smaller groups, videos can focus on specific needs, providing a rich, interactive learning experience without the need for extensive resources.


Using the Grammar videos for whole-class instruction

  • Align videos with your curriculum: Integrate videos seamlessly into your curriculum plans to enhance or replace traditional teacher talk.
  • Replace worksheets: Swap out reading worksheets with engaging video content to present knowledge.
  • Interactive video sessions: Play videos while learners are seated together, using pause points to assess understanding and clarify concepts.
  • Address misconceptions: Use videos to offer alternative explanations for misconceptions identified during lessons.
  • Consistency across classrooms: Ensure a uniform teaching approach across different classes by using the same videos.
  • Engaging starters: Kick-off lessons with videos to introduce new grammar topics effectively.
  • Recap key concepts: Use recap videos to reinforce learning or revisit previous lessons before introducing new concepts.

Using Videos for Small Group Interventions:

  • Targeted support: Identify learning gaps with holistic assessments and use videos to provide focused instruction.
  • Efficiency in planning: Reduce your planning time by using ready-made videos for teaching core concepts.
  • In-depth text exploration: During interventions, use videos as a teaching tool followed by related activities to consolidate learning.

Specific strategies for English classrooms:

  • Reinforce grammar in context: Utilise videos within literacy lessons to explicitly teach or recap grammar concepts introduced previously.
  • Contextual text exploration: When discussing texts that feature specific grammatical structures, use videos to explain these structures, enhancing students' understanding of their usage.
  • Writing focus: Employ grammar videos to provide a foundation for writing sessions, addressing common errors identified during the marking and assessment of learners’ work.

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