How can the Mapper content be implemented in the classroom?

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The Classroom Hub has been designed to help teachers integrate subject-specific vocabulary into the classroom without the need for electronic devices for every learner. Instead of crafting slides, or creating activities, you can directly display Mapper content and activities on your whiteboard, making vocabulary teaching more straightforward and effective. You can use the Mapper content for consistent whole-class vocabulary instruction, and to integrate vocabulary instruction across the curriculum.


You will need to build your content in your curriculum map for it to be available in the Classroom Hub.

Consistent whole-class vocabulary instruction:

Starter activities: Introduce lesson keywords right from the start to set the stage for deeper learning.

During lessons: Seamlessly weave vocabulary words into your daily teaching, enhancing lesson engagement and comprehension.

Whiteboard activities: Utilise interactive activities at the start, during plenaries, or at key lesson points to engage learners actively in vocabulary retention.

Pre-writing preparation: Before any written task, remind learners of key vocabulary they might include, enhancing their expressive capabilities.

Post-reading discussions: After reading a text or a model answer, discuss and recap crucial vocabulary to reinforce learning.

Addressing knowledge gaps: If unfamiliar words arise during lessons, immediately teach them to clarify any misunderstandings.

Feedback-driven instruction: Use insights from exams or mock tests to address vocabulary that students find challenging.


Integrate vocabulary instruction across the curriculum

Consistent teaching of vocabulary: Integrate essential vocabulary using a research-based sequence into all subjects—not just English. Use relevant terms in science, history, or maths to highlight their importance across disciplines.

Unified teaching within a subject: Use your Mapper content in every classroom to ensure uniform vocabulary teaching without the need to create additional resources.

Ease for non-specialists: Enable non-specialist or cover teachers to deliver consistent vocabulary instruction aligned with the school’s curriculum without requiring extensive subject knowledge.

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