How do learners access the Reading Test?

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Learners can access the Reading Test directly from the Bedrock dashboard, using their usual login details. This straightforward process means that learners can focus on what’s important: completing their assessment.


For learners to access the Reading Test, a test needs to have been scheduled for them. To learn more about setting up the test and assigning it to your learners, click here.

Your learners will need to know their Bedrock login details to access the Reading Test. If your school uses single sign-on, they can log in using their Google or Office school email addresses. If not, you can view your learners’ usernames and passwords following this guide.

Once tests have been scheduled for your learners, they will be able to click the Reading Test icon on their dashboard to view the dates and times of their scheduled assessment. This encourages transparency, so learners are aware of the expectation to complete their Reading Test at a certain time.

How do learners access the reading test?

The learner will only be able to begin the test once it has been started by their teacher at the scheduled time. To access it:

  1. The learner logs in to Bedrock using their usual credentials.
  2. They click ‘Let’s go’ under the ‘Your Next Test’ icon.
  3. They click ‘Start’ on the scheduled test to begin.


Learners have one hour to begin the test after the teacher has started it at the scheduled time. There is no time limit for completing the Reading Test; learners can take as long as they need to answer all of the questions. Should any interruptions occur, It is possible to pause the test, both for an individual learner or for the entire group taking the test.

Once learners have completed the test, they can continue using the other areas of Bedrock as normal.

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