Manual schools: How to set up your data spreadsheet

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If you’ve opted to provide us with your school’s data manually, you’ll be required to fill out a manual data spreadsheet, sometimes referred to as a CSV. It is important to input your data accurately, but following these steps will ensure that you are able to do so easily and efficiently.

After you have become a Bedrock school, and have opted for our manual set up process, you will receive an email with the subject: ‘Let's get your classes configured and ready for Bedrock…’ Open it and click on this link to get started with your manual data spreadsheet:

CSV Manual School Set Up Email.jpg

When you click on the link, your spreadsheet will download automatically. When opening it from your downloads folder, we recommend using Excel for the smoothest experience. Upon opening the file, you will be presented with a Guidance box that provides you with some helpful reminders of the steps in this article. Each tab in the spreadsheet will also include hints and tips for each step in the process.

Adding your school

The first step is a simple one: on the ‘School’ tab, please input your school’s name in column A, replacing the ‘Bedrock Learning’ placeholder text. Then, do the same with your school’s postcode in column B.

CSV School.png

Adding your classes

Next, you’ll need to add your classes using the following steps:

  1. Delete the grey placeholder text in each of the columns
  2. In column B (‘Class/Group Name’), add the name of each class or group you wish to use Bedrock Learning. A group should only be used if you wish to monitor any group of children that isn’t a standard class at your school, such as an entire year group, a form group, or an intervention group made up of children from multiple classes
  3. In column D (‘isGroup’), add a capital N for rows with standard classes. For rows with groups, add a capital Y
  4. In column A (‘Year Group’), add the appropriate year group for each class. In the instance of a group made up of children from multiple year groups, leave the cell blank

Staying on the classes tab, you’ll need to let us know whether your classes and groups are using our Core Curriculum (Vocabulary and Grammar) or your Subject-specific Curriculum (Mapper).

  1. In column E (‘Core’), add a capital Y if the class or group will only be using the Core Curriculum. If the class or group is going to use Mapper instead, add a capital N
  2. In column C, for classes or groups using Mapper, use the drop down menu for each cell to select the subject they should have access to
  3. Leave Column C blank for the classes and groups that will only use the Core Curriculum

CSV Classes.gif

Adding your teachers

Next, click on the ‘Teachers’ tab to add your school’s teachers.

  1. In columns A and B, add the name of every staff member that needs access to Bedrock
  2. Add their email addresses to column C
  3. In column D, write Yes if the staff member is going to be a Bedrock Lead Teacher, such as a head of department or a data manager, and leave blank for a normal teacher
  4. In column E, add the name of each class from the ‘Classes’ tab that the teacher should be linked to. If a teacher should be linked to more than one class, separate each one with a comma and no spaces either side. For example: Class 1,Class 2

CSV Teachers.png

Adding your learners

Finally, click on the ‘Students’ tab. You must fill in every column that is green, but the more columns you can fill in, the more powerful your data will be.

  1. From column A to column G, fill in each learner’s details
  2. From column H to column K, add a capital Y if the category applies to the student, and a capital N if it doesn’t. In column K (‘SEN’), you can alternatively use the SEN code from your school database
  3. Add your learners’ UPNs to column L
  4. Add M or F to mark gender in column M
  5. In column E, add the name of each class from the ‘Classes’ tab that the learner is in. If a learner should be linked to more than one class, separate each one with a comma and no spaces either side. For example: Class 1,Class 2

CSV Students GIF.gif

Returning your spreadsheet

You’re all set! You must now return your completed manual data spreadsheet back to us at Once we have imported your school’s data, we’ll let you know that you’re ready to use Bedrock!

Too much data?

Your Bedrock subscription comes with free access to Wonde, which automatically updates Bedrock using the data in your school’s MIS, meaning you’ll never have to manually update your Bedrock data again. Using Wonde gives you the smoothest possible experience with Bedrock.


If you have any trouble filling out the form, or you need some extra support, you can speak to our School Support Team directly between 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

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