Manual schools: Configuring your classes (Using a CSV)

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If you are a manual school, you’ll need to provide Bedrock with your school’s data directly.

If you don’t use Wonde to keep your data up to date with Bedrock, you’ll need to do this manually using a CSV file. In simple terms, we’ll supply you with a spreadsheet that we need you to fill out with data and return to us.

Filling out a CSV for the first time

If you’ve just joined Bedrock, you’ll have received a welcome email titled ‘Let's get your classes configured and ready for Bedrock…’ that asks you to fill out a spreadsheet to return to us.

When you open the spreadsheet, you will find a set of step-by-step instructions on the ‘School’ tab. You will also find helpful notes throughout the spreadsheet to guide you along the way The most important things to remember are:

  • All columns in green must be completed
  • All columns in white are optional, but we recommend these are completed to ensure a more detailed reporting experience
  • When filling out the ‘Classes’ tab, if a teacher or student is to be assigned to more than one class, always format the classes by separating them with one comma and no spaces. For example: Y8B,Y8B Science,Y8B Geography
  • When filling out the ‘Classes’ tab, if a class should only have access to our Vocabulary and Grammar curricula, leave column C blank, and mark as ‘Y’ in column E. If the class should have access to a Mapper subject, use the drop down menu in column C to add the subject to the class
  • Please don’t edit the tab labelled ‘DO NOT EDIT - Data’

Once you have completed the file, please save it and return it to us at We will notify you as soon as your classes have been configured.

Updating your current classes manually

As the school year progresses, classes, teachers, and pupils can move around and change. Whenever you need to update this data as a Bedrock lead teacher, you can do so in the ‘Subscription management’ and ‘Class database’ tabs on your teacher dashboard.


Bulk changes for academic rollover are managed by Bedrock. Contact for more information.

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