The points system is an effective way of monitoring your learners’ engagement with Bedrock. Learners earn points for a variety of different activities across the Core Curriculum.

What are learners awarded points for?

Learners earn points for completing actions on the learning journey in either Vocabulary or Grammar.

In the Vocabulary curriculum, learners earn points in the following sequence:

In the Grammar curriculum, learners earn points in the following sequence:

Points earned in both Vocabulary and Grammar are cumulative. They both count towards the same weekly and all-time totals.


Work completed in Mapper does not count towards a learner’s points total. You can monitor engagement with Mapper in its data and reporting tab.

Setting targets

The most impactful learning occurs when learners are given a target of earning 20 points per week. This equates to around two successfully completed lessons. You can set a higher or lower target for your learners, depending on your goals for your class.

Monitoring points

Each week, you will receive an email from Bedrock with a handy breakdown of your classes’ points totals. Alternatively, you can monitor usage by points (and much more) by logging into the app and using the Weekly Engagement report.

How do learners see how they earn points?

Learners can also easily monitor their weekly progress in their Vocabulary and Grammar dashboards. They can see their points total against a target of 20 points under ‘Weekly progress,’ and their weekly and all-time totals under ‘Your points.’


Points totals in the Learner Dashboard run from Monday to Sunday, resetting ahead of each school week.

Learners can also find a detailed breakdown of how they earn points by navigating to either Vocabulary or Grammar, and clicking the ‘i’ button next to ‘Your points.’

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