Like a real-life library, the Bedrock Library is open to all! This content is available to every learner as part of the Bedrock Core Curriculum, regardless of which Block they are currently working on.

What content is included in the Library?

The Library texts are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, and introduce new, challenging academic vocabulary to learners. At the same time, they incorporate Tier 2 words from in other Bedrock Vocabulary blocks to reinforce understanding and provide exposure to these words in additional contexts.

Moreover, these texts offer a unique opportunity for learners to expand their cultural capital, opening doors to new perspectives. This additional content is perfect for stretching any reader, regardless of their Block assignment, so long as they’re up for a challenge!


Younger learners might need a little more support with some vocabulary in the Library. It is designed to be aspirational!

Where can learners find the Library?

This library of content sits outside of the main learning Blocks, which allows
learners to access the Library and their Bedrock Vocabulary Block simultaneously. Even if a learner has completed the maximum daily number of Vocabulary lessons (according to the drip-feed settings), they can continue to use the Library. To find this content:

  1. Log in to the learner’s account
  2. Enter the Vocabulary area
  3. Locate ‘The Library’ Block, which can be found next to the existing Bedrock Vocabulary Blocks
  4. Click ‘continue’ on the first Library title
  5. Enjoy the aspirational and engaging content!


There’s no need to assign anything to your learners, as these new topics are available in their libraries automatically.

Are there lesson activities in the Library?

Much like our Bedrock Vocabulary curriculum, all of our library books are accompanied by a range of activities. These activities reinforce understanding and support learners in developing key literacy skills, such as identifying synonyms and antonyms, associating vocabulary with images, using new vocabulary within sentences, and free writing activities.

How does the Library content align with Bedrock’s Grammar Curriculum?

To make the learning experience even more enriching, we've seamlessly woven in the essential grammar features found in the Bedrock Grammar curriculum throughout the topic prose. This way, learners will encounter these crucial language elements in their natural context, enhancing their grasp of grammar organically.

The Library is designed to include challenging language and structures, perfect for stretching even the most able readers. It is available to all learners, making aspirational vocabulary accessible to all.


If you or your learners have any suggestions for future Library topics, please get in touch and share your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

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