Senior Leadership: What should I be doing with Bedrock?

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As a senior leader, Bedrock gives you a superb opportunity to have oversight of literacy progression across the school. Senior leaders play a crucial role in defining the vision for Bedrock across the school.

Whilst, operationally, the delivery of Bedrock is often undertaken by literacy and faculty leads, senior leaders are vital for getting everyone bought into the overall mission with Bedrock. Here are some of the best things you can do as a senior leader at your school:

Checking in

Support those that deliver Bedrock, and recognise where implementation is succeeding or needs extra help. In your ‘School reports’ dashboard, the Class Engagement report will give you an extremely clear insight into the groups of learners that may need additional support to access their literacy learning.

Create intervention groups

If you are configured with Wonde, you can easily create groups in your MIS that can be added to Bedrock at the click of a button. Once these groups have been added, it’s vital to ensure those responsible for the delivery of Bedrock have a clear understanding of the why and how behind it and can make use of its transformative potential.

Bedrock’s implementation across different channels

If Bedrock is being delivered in a specific subject, you can expand implementation out on a pastoral level. If you’ve added entire tutor groups or year groups, then tutors, Heads of Year, and Year Managers have the ability to use leaderboards and much more as a means of celebrating success in each year group.

Track parental engagement

Give parents the opportunity to connect with Bedrock so that they can create a consistent language environment between school and the home. This is another crucial channel for supporting your learners’ literacy development. You can find more information here about how to give parents an insight into the power of Bedrock.

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