Teachers: What should I be doing with Bedrock?

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Teachers are the most important part of integrating Bedrock in schools. They can give Bedrock true meaning in the classroom and advocate for its use directly to learners.

Helping learners understand the ‘big why’

It’s crucial that learners understand why they’re being asked to complete work on Bedrock. You can help them gain this understanding by explaining the following points:

  • Learners need to add around 3,000 words to their vocabulary every year in order to be successful at school. Bedrock teaches them the most important words they need for success.
  • Bedrock Grammar ensures they feel comfortable using both the simplest and most complex grammatical concepts. It will help them to write concisely and with confidence, both for pleasure and in exams.

Checking in: supporting learners and celebrating success

To ensure Bedrock is utilised to its full effect, it’s crucial that you and others at your school are consistent with checking in with learners.

Your weekly email will give you a brief overview of your learners’ engagement for the week. However, it is very important to log in to Bedrock frequently and check the other reports available so that you have a holistic overview of your learners’ engagement and progress.

Class reports.png

The class reports available in-app will give you information about:

  • Lesson completion
  • Time spent
  • Attainment and progress
  • Parental engagement

More on the reporting dashboards can be found here.

Focus your teaching

Not only is Bedrock smart in the way it delivers content to learners, but it’s also smart in the way it delivers data back to you for use within the classroom.

Use our Knowledge Trends report to give you clear insights into the learning taking place within your class. It can advise you on the following:

  • The vocabulary or concepts your learners haven’t yet mastered. You can bring these into your lessons, in order to make a direct impact on your learners’ progress and confidence.
  • Conversely, the report can advise you of the words or concepts your learners have mastered as a result of using Bedrock. Celebrating these with your learners reinforces the value of what they are doing, but encourages them to bring the words/skills into their writing.

More on the knowledge trends report can be found here.


Why not ask your learners to highlight the words they have learned from Bedrock in their writing? This way, you’ll see the tangible impact of Bedrock, and you’ll be able to reward learners quickly and easily.

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