How can the Core Curriculum be used to provide additional support for learners who need it?

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Bedrock’s core curriculum has the power to transform the instruction of Tier 2 vocabulary and grammar, supporting learners who may require additional support with their literacy skills. It offers a consistent solution to language learning, encourages learners to read on a regular basis, and provides a well-sequenced and engaging approach to grammar instruction.

How can the core curriculum provide additional support for learners who need it?

We understand that each learner has individual needs, and our Bedrock core curriculum can be used as an additional tool for those who require more support when developing their literacy skills. Our current Bedrock schools have adopted it to align with the needs of their learners in a range of ways:

  • Bedrock’s core curriculum can be used to maintain reading and vocabulary development for learners with persistent absences, and provide them with a sense of consistency. The reporting features make it easy for teachers to keep track of their progress, even if they are absent from in-person teaching.
  • Bedrock lessons can be used as a routine activity that prepares learners for time in the classroom. Some schools use Bedrock at the beginning of each day to settle learners and provide a sense of structure to the morning.
  • Some schools have adopted multiple approaches to implementing Bedrock depending on their different types of learners. Learners may be placed upon different pathways based upon their reading age or literacy profile. For example, learners who require the most support may complete two Bedrock lessons per week during school time. Learners who need some support may complete one lesson during school time, and one lesson as homework. All other learners may complete their two weekly Bedrock lessons as homework.
  • Bedrock may be used specifically for groups of learners, such as English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners, to provide them with additional literacy support and help them build a strong foundation of English vocabulary.
  • Learners who have joined a school partway through the school year may benefit greatly from the grammar curriculum, to ensure they have the same understanding of essential grammar as their peers.

For more information about Bedrock’s core curriculum, and how it can be adopted to improve literacy across your school, read our additional article about implementation.


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