How do other schools implement the Core Curriculum?

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Bedrock’s core curriculum has the power to transform the instruction of Tier 2 vocabulary and grammar. It offers a consistent solution to language learning, encourages learners to read on a regular basis, and provides a well-sequenced and engaging approach to grammar instruction. Bedrock’s core curriculum can revolutionise literacy across your school, with a measurable impact for your learners.

Bedrock’s core curriculum can be implemented in the classroom or at home, but often a combination of both has the greatest impact upon learners’ literacy skills. Schools with the greatest success forge a strong link between Bedrock’s core curriculum and the classroom, encouraging a language-rich culture in all areas.

For more information about linking Bedrock to the classroom, there are a range of support articles available.


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How can schools motivate and reward learners for completing Bedrock lessons?

Bedrock’s core curriculum is self-marking, and content is served to learners automatically. This saves teachers a great deal of time, and they can be confident knowing that their learners are working at a level which is most suitable for them. However, it is important that teachers are actively involved in monitoring their learners’ engagement so they are able to get the most out of Bedrock lessons. Our current schools use a variety of ways to motivate their learners:

  • When learners use Bedrock words in their classroom writing, they are encouraged to highlight the word to bring it to their teacher’s attention. Then, they receive an additional stamp, point, or praise for including this new vocabulary within their work.
  • Data from Bedrock can be used to create a literacy profile or passport for each learner, which is shared with parents and guardians at parent’s evening. This could include their number of Bedrock points, Bedrock progress, or words that they have learned since using the core curriculum.
  • Vocabulary from the core curriculum can be used as a ‘word of the week’ around the school, in tutor time and in assembly. There can be extra prizes for using the words in classroom discussions or writing.
  • Using the school’s existing points/praise system, additional rewards can be given for the completion of two Bedrock core lessons per week, or for learners who have achieved a certain number of Bedrock points.
  • Bedrock can be used to create competitions between classes, tutor groups, or year groups. Awards can be given for the groups which have spent the most time learning, gained the most Bedrock points, or learned the highest number of new words.
  • Bedrock leaderboards can be shown during tutor time or assembly. This gives learners a sense of confidence that their Bedrock progress matters and is being monitored. For more information about the reporting and leaderboards, there are a range of articles about monitoring your learners’ usage.


To see how other schools are using Bedrock’s core curriculum to reach their literacy objectives, why not take a look at our many case studies?


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