How do international schools implement the Core Curriculum?

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Bedrock’s core curriculum has the power to transform the instruction of Tier 2 vocabulary and grammar at international schools. It offers a consistent solution to language learning, encourages learners to read on a regular basis, and provides a well-sequenced and engaging approach to grammar instruction.

Using the core curriculum in international schools

We know that international schools face a unique set of challenges when implementing a whole-school approach to literacy, including vocabulary and grammar instruction. Bedrock’s core curriculum is currently used to support learners at international schools across the world in a range of ways:

  • Levels of literacy skills and confidence can vary greatly between learners within the same class at international schools. By using Bedrock’s core curriculum, you can support learners who require intervention, providing additional structure and consistency to their vocabulary acquisition.
  • When learners within the same class have varying levels of grammar knowledge, Bedrock’s grammar lessons can help to fill the gaps and ensure that all learners are approaching their classes with the same understanding of essential English grammar.
  • Bedrock lessons can be used as a starting point for group discussions about the content that learners have read. The engaging fiction and non-fiction texts are narrated by native speakers, so learners are able to hear accurate pronunciation of new vocabulary, and put it into practice during group conversations.
  • As Bedrock lessons are self-serving and self-marking, learners can develop their literacy skills consistently, even if specific teachers are less confident about using English within the classroom.
  • Some international schools have created accounts for their teachers to use Bedrock’s core curriculum, enabling educators to solidify their own knowledge of Tier 2 vocabulary and English grammar, and confidently use it within their lessons.

For more information about Bedrock’s core curriculum, and how it can be adopted to improve literacy across your school, read our additional article about implementation.


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