Making connections across the curriculum

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All teachers have access to the curriculum for every subject in your school. This provides visibility over the subject-specific vocabulary being learned in every subject.

As all of the words are in one place, it is the perfect place for teachers to gain an understanding of other subjects.

Searching the curriculum map

One way that you can explore words across the curriculum is by using the ‘search’ function in the ‘all subjects’ curriculum map.

Simply type the word you are looking for in the box and click ‘search.’ You will then see all of the instances of that word in your school’s curriculum.


For example, the word ‘average’ exists in this school 12 times in 5 different subjects.

Connections at word-level

Once you have searched for a particular word, you can then click on the individual word to see the individual parts of the learning sequence. For example, you could click on the definition to see how different areas of the curriculum define the same word.

If a particular definition (or lesson sequence activity) has been created in your school, an icon of a school is shown.

If the content is Bedrock Created Content or Community Content the icon below will be shown.

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