Using the curriculum summary report

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The curriculum summary report shows the number of words added to your curriculum and the number of words ready to teach in each subject.

This report gives you an overview of the subject-specific curriculum that has been built for your school. It is particularly useful in the implementation stage of Mapper as you can troubleshoot which departments or curriculum areas might need more support to get their curriculum up and running.

This visibility of your curriculum gives you a way to report to teachers, learners and parents about the vocabulary expectations in each subject. For example, our learners are expected to know and have access to the explicit teaching of 355 tier 3 words for Geography.

To run this report:

  1. Click on the ‘data and reporting’ tab in your Mapper dashboard
  2. Select the ‘curriculum summary’ icon
  3. Press ‘run’

Once the report has loaded, you can view it online or download it.

  Tips for Success

Some schools use this report to provide teachers with motivation to set up their curriculum.

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