Checking test completion statuses

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Visibility into the completion status of your tests makes real-time progress monitoring quick and effective. All teachers can view the test completion for every test.

You can view completion status of your tests at window, test, and individual learner level. Teachers can quickly assess which students have completed the test, identify those who are in progress, or determine if any tests are void or incomplete, all in real time.


There are several statuses for monitoring completion. They are:

Complete: The test has been completed by a learner

Started: The test has been started and is being actively completed by a learner

Paused: The test has been paused for a learner by a teacher, or the learner has been inactive for over 10 minutes

Not started: The test has not yet been started by a learner, or it has been paused and not resumed within 60 minutes

Void: A learner’s completed test has been voided by a lead teacher


After 10 minutes of inactivity, learners will see a pop-up asking if they're still taking the test. If they confirm that they are, they can continue; if not, the test is 'Paused.' The teacher has 60 minutes to resume the test; otherwise, it is marked 'Incomplete.'

Viewing completion status at test or window level

Any teacher in your school can view completion status at cycle, window, and test level.

Navigate to the ‘Tests’ tab to get a quick overview of any test’s completion from the status bar. Hover your cursor over each colour to see how many tests fall into each status.

Check completion at test level.gif

To view test completion at a window level, navigate to the ‘Cycles’ tab. Select a cycle, and then click on any window within that cycle. There, you can see the same completion status bar for each test.

Check completion at window level.gif

Viewing completion status for individual learners

To monitor individual learners’ completion of the Reading Test, click on any test in the ‘Tests’ tab. Under the ‘Learners’ section of the page, you can see the completion status for each learner.

Check completion at learner level.gif

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