Downloading test results

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All teachers with access to Bedrock can download test data for individual tests, testing windows, and entire cycles.

Bedrock’s Reading Test provides every teacher at your school with access to test data so that they can make informed decisions about classroom strategies and interventions based on their learners’ needs and identified trends.

Downloading test results

Any teacher can download test results when they see this button:

Download results button.png

The button will only be visible when at least one learner has completed the test. Only learners who have completed the test will appear in your results. The test results will be a CSV file, which can be opened in any spreadsheet application such as Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers.


Every time you download results, there is a chance that some data points may change for each learner, depending on who has completed the test so far. This is because some data points rank learners against each other, and if some learners are still yet to complete the test, these scores will change as the remaining tests are completed. Other scores are nationally benchmarked, meaning that scores could also change marginally over time depending on the wider population’s tests, too.

The test results you download are based on which level you are downloading results from.

If you are viewing a single test, your download will include all learners’ results for that specific test.

If you are viewing a test window, your download will include the results for every test in that window. This allows you to compare results across multiple tests, groups or classes, depending on how you have set up your test window/tests. It also saves you time and resources compared to downloading results for multiple tests separately.

If you are viewing a test cycle, your download will include the results for every test in every test window in that cycle. This allows you to compare results across multiple windows, providing a holistic overview of learner performance over the entire testing cycle. Viewing results this way helps teachers to analyse learner development and the impact of interventions.


Understanding the results data you download is crucial for measuring progress and impact. You can get a full breakdown of your results data here.

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