How to access learners' knowledge organisers

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Each learner has their own digital, dynamic knowledge organiser. This is a great place to see a snapshot of each child’s vocabulary and grammar learning.

To access a learner’s knowledge organiser

  • Select the class they are in
  • Click on the learner’s name
  • Select ‘knowledge organiser’ from the top menu
  • Select the curriculum area you wish to look at e.g. vocabulary or grammar

Here you can see the knowledge items the learner already knew, what they are learning and what they have learned.

knowledge organiser.gif

Within the knowledge organiser, you'll find the following sections:

Words we knew before
Words learners got right in the pre-topic test
Words we are learning
Words learners got wrong in the pre-topic test and are now learning
Words we have learned
Words learners got wrong in the pre-topic test and then right in the post-topic test.
These words will be regularly recapped via Bedrock’s reteaching algorithm.

You can also use the search function to see their understanding of a specific knowledge item.

Accessing a learner's knowledge organiser is just the first step in effectively using knowledge trends in the classroom.

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