Using knowledge trends report to inform classroom teaching

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"Research shows us that with ten exposures, there is some chance of recognizing the meaning of a new word later on" (Laufer and Nation, 2012)

By using Bedrock, your learners will be exposed to new vocabulary or grammar items multiple times throughout the course of each lesson, but the more learners hear, see and use new language, the better.

Teachers can support this process by embedding the new language learners are studying in their lessons and interactions. To see the words or grammar items your students are learning, use the ‘knowledge trends report.’

  1. Click on a class
  2. Click on ‘Class reports’
  3. Click on ‘Class knowledge trends’
  4. Choose the block you wish to see
  5. Click ‘Go’


In the report, you will find the following categories:

Words we knew before
Words learners got right in the pre-topic test
Words we are learning
Words learners got wrong in the pre-topic test and are now learning
Words we have learned
Words learners got wrong in the pre-topic test and then right in the post-topic test.
These words will be regularly recapped via Bedrock’s reteaching algorithm.

Using all of these words as much as possible is recommended to ensure mastery and long-term retention of new language. You can read how to access a learner’s knowledge organiser here.

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