Monitoring curriculum locations

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How do I know what my learners are studying?

In Bedrock’s Core Curriculum (Bedrock Vocabulary and Bedrock Grammar) you can see what each learner is studying using the 'Block placement' and 'Curriculum locations' reports.

For Bedrock Vocabulary

  1. Go to class reports.
  2. Go to the ‘Block placement’ report
  3. Click ‘Go’ to run the report.

This report shows you where the learner was placed following the Alpha test. Remember, Bedrock Blocks run from Block 3 to Block 12. It then shows you the date they completed the Alpha test. The final column shows you their current block.

Curriculum overview.gif

This report also shows you who has and hasn’t completed the Alpha Test.


For Bedrock Grammar

For Grammar, using the drop-down list, select which unit you want to check, Grammar Foundations or Advanced Grammar then click ‘Go.’ If a topic is ticked, it means the learner has completed the pre-test, lessons and post-test of that topic.

  1. Go to class reports.
  2. Go to the ‘Curriculum locations’ report
  3. Click ‘Go’ to run the report.


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