What are the Grammar practice activities?

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The grammar practice activities are designed to foster learner independence and improve accuracy through reflective and independent writing opportunities.

Learners have the autonomy to choose the topic they wish to practice, or a teacher can direct them to a particular topic according to their needs. If learners have completed all of the lessons in Grammar Foundations and Advanced Grammar there are over 2,500 practice activities for them to complete. These activities focus on extending knowledge and developing precision to ensure learners master and retain their grammar skills.

Practice sessions consist of 5 activities that are a mixture of new activities as well as activities that they previously answered incorrectly. Learners receive 5 points for every practice session that they complete.

After completing the initial lesson in the linear curriculum, learners can access the practice activities through the recapping and practice area.

For the learner to access the practice activities they must:

  1. Click on either 'Grammar Foundations' or 'Advanced Grammar.'
  2. Click on the topic that they wish to practice.
  3. Select ‘Recapping and practice.Practice sesssions.gif


For every lesson that learners have completed, they can rewatch the videos, view the learning objectives and access practice activities.

To access the practice activities they click on ‘Practice topic.’ They will then be served 5 activities. Learners can complete as many practice sessions as they wish.

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