How do international schools implement Mapper?

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Bedrock Mapper is designed to help learners develop their understanding of Tier 3 vocabulary across the curriculum and improve their subject knowledge. It equips learners with a vast variety of subject-specific vocabulary, allowing them to access every subject and get the most out of their classes.

Using Mapper in international schools

We know that international schools face a unique set of challenges when implementing a whole-school approach to literacy and vocabulary instruction. Currently, international schools are using Mapper to:

  • Teach subject knowledge and Tier 3 vocabulary in both the learners’ home language and English. This way, clear connections can be made across the curriculum, tailored to the exact needs of the learners.
  • Ensure a consistent approach from teachers who may not feel as confident with the subject-specific terminology in English.
  • Fill knowledge gaps across the curriculum when learners within the same class have varying levels of existing understanding. This allows all members of the class to approach new content with the same background knowledge and level of vocabulary.
  • Prepare learners for education and assessment in English, even if it is not their first language. If a learner’s current level of vocabulary is not yet ready for technical, subject-specific language, they can be assigned content from KS1 and KS2, which opens the door for further development.

For more information about Mapper, and how it can be adopted to promote subject-specific literacy across the school, read our additional article about implementation.


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