How do secondary schools implement Mapper?

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Bedrock Mapper is designed to help learners develop their understanding of Tier 3 vocabulary across the curriculum and improve their subject knowledge. It equips learners with a vast variety of subject-specific vocabulary, allowing them to access every subject and get the most out of their classes.

Using Mapper in secondary schools

There is an ever-increasing amount of subject-specific vocabulary that learners are required to understand and utilise across the curriculum. Our current Mapper secondary schools have adopted the platform to support their learners in a variety of ways:

  • Mapper can be used in lessons to pre-teach the vocabulary required for the subject.
  • Mapper can be used to formatively assess a class or year group’s subject knowledge and understanding of Tier 3 vocabulary in advance of formal assessment.
  • In some cases, topics may overlap between subjects, and they may share common knowledge or vocabulary. Mapper can be used to link cross-curricular topics and build this understanding in multiple areas at once, demonstrating this application to learners.
  • Mapper is often used as a powerful revision tool, consolidating classroom learning and providing learners with a clear structure for independent study. For example, a whole topic of 100 words can be set with the same date, for learners to work through independently at KS4.
  • Some schools use Mapper to implement a fortnightly rotation of subject sessions, depending on homework and class requirements. The flexibility of Mapper allows teachers to customise which content their learners are engaging with at any time.
  • Mapper can be used to support learners through the various transitions of secondary school. For example, it can be adopted for newly arriving Year 7 learners to assess their existing knowledge and teach the necessary, subject-specific vocabulary for success. Schools can also use Mapper to pre-teach key terms, easing the transitions between KS3, 4, and 5.

For more information about Mapper, and how it can be adopted to promote subject-specific literacy across the school, read our additional article about implementation.

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