A child's education is not just about school. Support from people at home can make a huge difference to that child’s progress.

Once you have signed up using your access code, you will have access to your child’s activity on the platform. Not only will you receive a weekly email giving you an update on the points that your child has earned (it’s best to aim for 20 points per week for the best progress), but also the time they’ve spent on the platform and the lesson’s they’ve completed.

You will also be given access to their knowledge organiser, which gives you the opportunity to see the words they already knew, the words they haven’t yet mastered, and the words that they have recently learned. This gives you the chance to bring these important academic words into your home, making it much easier for your child to use them independently (research tells us that children learn new words best when they hear or use them many times in many different situations).

Find your child’s knowledge organiser using the following steps:

  1. In the box on the left of the page, select the child you wish to view
  2. Click the ‘Knowledge organiser’ tab
  3. You can browse through the vocabulary and grammar terms that your child already knows, is currently learning, or has learned by letter of the alphabet. To really help your child, try to frequently use words from the middle and right columns in your conversations with them
  4. Hover over a word to see if your child has rated how confident they are with that word
  5. Click on any word to see a definition and example of that word in context, as well as any times your child has used the word in their Bedrock writing

Guardian knowledge organiser.gif

The knowledge your child gains on Bedrock Learning doesn't stay there; it can be used as a fantastic opportunity to have high-quality conversations. We have put together a list of talking prompts related to topics in Bedrock Vocabulary’s blocks, helping learners to delve deeper into the topic content and practise their speaking skills.

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