What is Bedrock Learning?

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Bedrock Learning is a literacy curriculum that is proven to have a significant impact on children’s vocabulary. It helps to improve your child’s overall reading comprehension and communication both in and out of school.

Bedrock Learning is a digital resource that teaches and assesses vocabulary and grammar in a way that is personalised to your child and gives their teacher the data they need to monitor this crucial area of teaching and learning.

Bedrock learning supports learners to build their academic vocabulary. This is vocabulary that your child will need, not only in their exams, but in all aspects of life.

What does the curriculum cover?

Bedrock Vocabulary teaches thousands of Tier 2 words (these are challenging, ambitious words that don’t usually crop up in day-to-day conversation), through interactive lessons that all begin with a rich and authentic text.

Bedrock Grammar is a knowledge-rich curriculum that explicitly teaches grammar through videos and a variety of engaging activities. As with Bedrock Vocabulary, every lesson begins with an authentic text that demonstrates the grammar item in context, before learners embark on an interactive learning journey, learning a whole host of grammar tools and techniques.

You can see the entire Vocabulary and Grammar curricula here.

Bedrock’s subject-specific curriculum, also known as Mapper, allows teachers to set subject-specific vocabulary aligned to their curriculum. Learning keywords in this way ensures that your child can communicate like an expert in every subject, a skill that is crucial to improving their life opportunities.

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