Are there different parts to the platform?

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Yes! The platform has three parts; Vocabulary, Grammar and Mapper. As children engage with vocabulary and grammar, they earn points to reward their learning and progress.

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Bedrock Vocabulary teaches thousands of Tier 2 words (these are challenging, ambitious academic words that don’t usually crop up in day-to-day conversation), through interactive lessons that all begin with a rich and authentic text. Our platform intelligently identifies the words and concepts that your child might be struggling with, using the alpha test to place learners within our curriculum. This gives them opportunities to relearn them throughout their journey.

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Bedrock Grammar begins with a small assessment, which gives teachers powerful, detailed information about your child’s grammar knowledge. The mastery curriculum then takes your child on a clear journey to become knowledgeable, confident writers with secure grammatical knowledge. As with Bedrock Vocabulary, every lesson begins with an authentic text that demonstrates the grammar item in context, before learners embark on an interactive learning journey, learning a whole host of grammar tools and techniques. Learners can also access practice activities once they have completed a lesson if they feel that they need more work on a particular area.

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Bedrock’s subject-specific curriculum, also known as Mapper, allows teachers across the curriculum to set subject-specific vocabulary aligned to their subject area. Learning keywords in this way ensures that your child can communicate like an expert in every subject, a skill that is crucial to improving their life opportunities.

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