Guide for school IT managers

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To ensure your school’s experience of Bedrock is as smooth as possible, follow these tips.

For a seamless experience using Bedrock, implement the following:

  • Set up and link your classes via Wonde (if you are a Wonde school)
  • Check your firewall settings
  • Ensure learners are using a supported browser
  • Set up single sign-on

Your firewall

To make sure that Bedrock is always accessible, set your firewall to always allow the following URLs:

  • (main Bedrock platform)
  • (images and file hosting)

Supported browsers

Bedrock can be accessed on any device with an internet connection and one of these supported browsers (shown in green).

Using single sign-on

To enable learners and teachers to use single sign-on to log in, their Google or Office 365 emails need to be added to Bedrock.

  • If you are a manual school, please request an export of your data by contacting Then, list the email addresses for each user and return this data to us.
  • If you are a Wonde school, please let us know your staff and learner email domains, so that we can pull them through in an overnight sync.


If this is your school’s first time using SSO for Bedrock Learning, you may need an IT administrator to approve Microsoft/Google authentication for our web application. If they need help with this, they can contact our support team using

Using single sign-on in your virtual learning environment

If your school uses a VLE, you can add the necessary links there to enable users to use SSO. In your VLE, please include the following links depending on your users' email address domains:


If you are using SSO, please let us know your staff and students' email domains so that we can ensure your SSO connection functions correctly.

Having trouble with SSO?

  • If you have shared your MIS data with Bedrock via Wonde, make sure you have used the Office 365 or Google email addresses for your users in the 'staff email' or 'student email' field. Otherwise, this will cause authentication errors. Please also check with your data manager/IT team that they have opted to share both staff and learner email addresses with Bedrock in the Wonde portal.
  • In some cases, teachers/learners have more than one email address at the school. Only the Office 365 or Google email should be shared for SSO to work, because Bedrock only stores one email address against each user profile.
  • If you send manual data to Bedrock for your learners, teachers and classes, you must include only their Office 365 or Google email addresses.

Data Privacy

  • You can read about Bedrock Learning's privacy policy and GDPR compliance in full here.
  • You can view a copy of Bedrock Learning's ICO Certificate here.


If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, you can contact us via:

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