How to check when a learner last logged in

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To see when a learner last logged in, use the 'Student engagement' report.

  1. Log in
  2. Select the class that you wish to view
  3. Click on ‘Class reports’
  4. Click on the 'Student engagement' report
  5. Select the date range you’d like to view, excluding dates if you wish
  6. Click ‘Go’ to run the report
  7. You will see a notification appear when the report is ready to view
  8. Click download to see the report


The report shows you when each learner last logged in, the points they earned in the date range and where those points were earned in the curriculum.

If you’d like to download this report again, go to ‘Exports’ on your menu bar. This is where the report can be found.

You can also access the 'Student engagement' and 'Class engagement' reports at a whole-school level if you are a Bedrock lead teacher. They show the same data for every learner in the school. To access these report, find them in your 'School reports' tab.

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