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Getting ready for the new school year can seem overwhelming, so we've made it easier for you with this simple step-by-step guide to getting your subject-specific vocabulary curriculum ready in Bedrock in time for September.


To unlock the full potential and transformative impact of delivering your subject-specific curriculum in a data-driven way, it is beneficial to seize the opportunity to set up your curriculum before the summer break.

By getting set up before September, you can ensure a smooth transition into the new academic year. This early preparation will enable you to focus your attention on learner engagement, exploring reporting and refining sequencing rather than rushing through the build and sequencing processes during the busy back-to-school period.


Outlined are the six steps to success for the new academic year to ensure you leverage maximum benefits come September...


Decide which subjects/departments you wish to use Bedrock's subject-specific curriculum for and how you wish to implement the curriculum. Some useful things to think about here are:

  • Who is going to be in charge of adding/creating content for each subject? 
  • For each subject, will Bedrock be implemented as homework, in-class or hybrid?
  • How do you plan to link your subject-specific curriculum to your classroom teaching?
  • How many words per week do you want each class to be exposed to?

Top Tip

We find that schools that have a "lead teacher" in each curriculum area, or for each key stage, have the most success setting up their curriculum.



Build your curriculum for your chosen subjects.

  • Start by looking at the Bedrock-created content, it's ready to go and great for getting started quickly. You can learn more about how to add that by watching this video...
  • If you wish to create your own bespoke topics/vocabulary lists, you can do this too. 
  • To save yourself time for September, we recommend completing the next steps!

Top Tip

Align your vocabulary lists with your curriculum plans. Add your content with your schemes of work/knowledge organisers in front of you. Start with the content required for half term 1, and see how far you get!


Once the new academic year begins...


Add your classes and groups in Mapper.


Add words to your classes. Here's a quick video guide to show you how...



Sequence your curriculum 

  • Add curriculum content to your classes and set dates for that content to become available to learners throughout the next academic year.
  • You can also copy from an archived class if you have a curriculum you wish to use from last year.
  • Here's a video to walk you through the simple process...



Duplicate your curriculum sequencing into multiple classes

  • Save time by copying your newly sequenced curriculum into other classes that will be learning the same content at the same time.

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 19.50.00


Investing the time in getting your subject-specific vocabulary curriculum set up in Bedrock before September will pay dividends many times over. We hear many, many stories of success from our partner schools who've done exactly that.

Sharing best practice

Here's a short video case study from St. Anselm's in Canterbury, who are excelling at implementing Bedrock's subject-specific vocabulary across their whole school...



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