Community content refers to words and topics that have been created by other Bedrock schools and added to the community content area by those teachers.

To explore community content, first, navigate to the ‘build’ tab within Mapper and select ‘choose from the community.’

Then, you can filter by subject and by topic to explore a subject for inspiration. Or, you can search for a particular word.

Some words within the community may already have content created, however, this is not guaranteed and it has not been quality assured like the Bedrock Created Content.

Once you have found the words that you are looking for, select them by ticking the boxes and clicking ‘add selected.’

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Now that you have added words from the community to your curriculum map, you need to add the activities so that the words are ready to teach. This gives you the opportunity to choose from any available community-created content, and also edit and adapt to your school context.


To be teachable, a word must have at least a quiz and either a definition or description and example.

Adding content to a word

In the curriculum map, select the word that you have added that you wish to add content to. There are 9 parts of the learning sequence that you can populate with content.

Select the part of the learning sequence that you wish to add content to. If there is community content available for the word/activity, it will appear on the screen. You can view this content by clicking ‘view.’ You can then select ‘copy and edit’ so that you can make changes to the content. This gives you the opportunity to personalise the content, for example, you may want the feedback to reflect what you would say in the classroom.

OR you can just click ‘use.’ This will add the content to the learning sequence for the word.

Once you have added the content for all the relevant parts of the learning sequence, click ‘save and exit’.

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